So comfortable in your hiding place, it’s impossible to get out.
It’s safe and cozy ; it just seems to soak you in.
Your shell ; a place so familiar that belongs to you alone.
It’s your little fortress, keeping the world away from you.

Safe from the claws of men.
No one sees you enough to criticize you
You never do anything wrong ; because your work is in hiding
No one knows what you can deliver, so you’re never asked to commit
No one expects from you, so you never disappoint

You stay in hiding
Peering at the world from a distance
You shy away from baby steps
Cause crawling is much easier; to go unnoticed
Underneath the bushel has become home for your light

You are the invisible man ;
Seeing all with none seeing you
You patrol public places in silence and careful steps
You voice your opinion, but only in your head
You participate ; in your imagination

You are afraid.
Afraid you will fail
Afraid you will fall short
Afraid you will be rejected

You do not know
That many stars are only as bright as you are
And you are good enough to shine
There is need for your light
Otherwise, you wouldn’t have been

In hiding, you deny the hopeless
Of their treasure in your care
Alas, you forget destinies need your light to see their paths
Look beyond your fore, it’s way beyond you

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