Yesterday's Tomorrow is Here Today.


Plans Fail

It is sensible, common and human that we make plans for the future. Whatever a person desires: right or wrong, the normal thing to do is to make plans that will guide our consequent actions, ensuring we get our desires...

My Dog

I think my dog just died. It feels scary I still want him to stay. Jack is the longest dog I've had. I could call it an old friend. We've been ten years down the line and we're still counting.

21-11-2016 : Phases

Held in traffic, hungry, a bit tired and very uncomfortable, I looked through the window of the interstate "danfo" bus in which I sat, sandwiched with 11 other passengers and a scruffy looking conductor. I knew I had had it. I wasn't sure I could take more, I wasn't even willing to. The memoirs of…