Still cool dusk.

The sun goes to sleep,

Gracing the sky with a glow.

Nature is wearing soft makeup.

The clouds have gone to hide

The sky is grey firmament

There’s not a form in sight

Nature has formed a painting canvas.

The breeze caresses my skin,

More tenderly than the sun’s kisses.

The gentle touch so safe,

I’ve found myself a new lover.

I’d wait for the stars

And admire their light.

I’d wait till it’s dark

In the sweet embrace of dusk.


5 thoughts on “Evening

  1. Good art! Beautiful mind!! You’re adventurous. The adventure spills out of you into your piece…
    It is good to savour our moments… I should better savour the next evening and morning… Lol..

    Keep this art coming… I anticipate more


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